Well fitted shutters add an extra level of security and privacy and are a great choice for ground floor windows and conservatories.Let the light in but keep out prying eyes

Our stunning wooden shutters are made-to-order in a superb selection of styles and finishes to compliment any window.

With five different types of wood types available, this versatile range is individually created to fit all sizes of windows and budgets.

From full height, cafe style, tier-on-tier, tracked, shaped and solid panels, shutters are a beautiful and effective window solution.

Choose from an incredible 117  painted and stained colour finishes to create your perfect window dressing.

Seamless fit 

From modern to traditional period windows, our beautiful hand crafted shutters compliment and blend in with your window so they look and feel like original features.

Like a fine Savile Row suit, each louvre and panel is sympathetically crafted to enhance and reflect your own individual style and window’s design.

A perfect balance

To create a perfectly balanced window, shutter panels should mirror your window’s glazing bars. As all of our shutters are designed to fit your individual window’s requirements, whether you have single or multi-paned windows, you know that your new shutters will not only look fabulous they will function perfectly with your window.

Find your own style


These simply gorgeous hardwood shutters show off natures natural beauty to its best. Choose from a rich stains or silky smooth painted finishes.


At incredibly affordable prices, theses real wood shutters include stunning hardwood panels with MDF frames and come in a full range of beautiful painted colours.


Toughness and durability meet value for money with this popular and versatile shutter. Suitable for any room, these blinds are one of our biggest sellers and are timeless classics.


Created using MDF frames and ABS louvres, our Cleveland range delivers the widest choice of colours and is a fabulous all purpose shutter. Strong and resilient, these blinds are a great way to compliment your interior design.


This deceptively lightweight eco-friendly shutter is the perfect solution for conservatory roofs and multi-tiered installations. With a choice of wood-grain or painted finishes, choose subtle shades that blend discreetly with their surroundings, for a sleek and seamless finish.


Heat and water resistant, the Vienna range is built to withstand the most humid of environments and is the perfect shutter for bathrooms, laundries, kitchens and more.

Shutter care

Keeping your shutters in tip top condition is as simple as wiping with a damp cloth and mild detergent.